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Brokerstone specializes in the production and sale of granite stone

Rough processing elements we can offer:

  • broken pieces of granite in different sizes,

  • processing aids,

  • broken stone walls, for bricklaying

We also manufacture granite fine processing elements in our factory:

  • granite curbs

  • cube tiles

  • granite slabs

  • granite stairs and floors

We also forge parts / elements - creating hand-processed elements by individual order / project.

We offer a very wide range of building materials from gray stone. There is also an option to give the granite elements a shade of your choice.

Our technologically advanced production facility allows us to provide a large production capacity to meet the wishes and requirements of all customers. And it is thanks to the latest technologies that we can ensure the highest quality of the product we produce.

All products are manufactured in accordance with technical requirements and specifications governed by building regulations. The products have a laboratory test certificate for their quality and compliance with all construction requirements.

Our contacts

Mežrūpnieku iela 6a, Jēkabpils

+ 371 26765224

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